Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bon Bon Christmas Tree Ornaments | Posh Pooch Designs

#5 - How To Have a
Very Yarnie Christmas!
I purchased some of the Bon Bon yarn
 from Hobby Lobby last year.
It was so fun to work with it. 
Those cute little skeins of yarn.
I got the idea to make yarn ball ornaments
for the Christmas tree for our series,
"How to have a Very Yarnie Christmas".

  I then, realized the Bon Bon yarns are 
the perfect size for tree ornaments.
So, if you have Bon Bon yarns and 
ornament hangers 
you can make these adorable
Bon Bon Christmas Tree ornaments.
Just slide the ornament hanger
 through the top of the Bon Bon skein.

I did put a piece of clear tape across
 the back to make sure the wrapper
 did not come off.
Most Stores have put them on clearance.
But Lion Brand.com still has them.
And you can find them on line.
Then I hung them all over my tree.
 This is 2 packages of Bon Bons.
I have another package, but
 I am going to wait to see 
if they are needed, 
after the other ornaments are on.

I love them so much and 
think they look so cute on my 
Yarnie Christmas Tree.

Rosie photo bombed the picture.
She thinks any time the camera is out, 
She is supposed to model.

For other Holiday yarnie ideas.

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