Thursday, December 31, 2015

What is a Temperature Blanket? | Posh Pooch Designs

I keep seeing many people
 talking about them 
on line and was wondering
 the same thing.

So What is a
 " Temperature Blanket"?

Repeat Crafter me explains it best.

"A Temperature Blanket is a 
great project to start January 1st! 
The idea is to crochet a row a 
day for an entire year. 
The color you use is determined by
 the temperature each day."

The above picture was borrowed from 

I think this sounds like great fun.

Especially since we have had 

such crazy weather lately.

You choose your color pattern,
 You choose your blanket pattern.
You Crochet 1 row a day.
Easy peasy!

I plan on making mine with
And This is a list of the colors I am using.
This is the blanket Pattern
 I am going to use.
This is Free Pattern on Ravelry.
I Love this because every row
 is a different stitch pattern.

So, I crochet the yarn color according
 to the temperature,
following this fun pattern.

I can do this.
I am also going to keep a notebook,
 to keep track
 of the daily temperature.

I will be using our 
daily high temperature,
As posted on my weather
 app on my phone.

If you want to join me and post your pics to 
It is a private group to keep out 
Spammers and such.
 Just ask to join.

I am so excited to do this!

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