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Colorado Flag Dog Bandanna Knitting Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

I could not leave out our Furry friends, 
or our friends who love to knit,
 for their furry friends.
The Colorado Flag Bandanna 
knitting pattern is quick to stitch up 
and is perfect for the Colorado lover.

 And it is also great for any 
sports team or school colors.
Stitch the bandanna up in your 
favorite Team's colors and 
add a pompom. 
And your your pooch, cat or pet
is ready to cheer on your team.

The bandanna pattern has 3 sizes
 included so it will work for any size dog,
cat or pet!
This knitting pattern is a super easy pattern,
and stitches up quickly.
It is a great pattern if you are learning to knit 
or if you are an experienced knitter.

Colorado Flag Dog Bandanna 
Knitting Pattern by Sara Sach
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Skill:  Easy and Quick!

Long Straight Knitting Needles- US10
Yarn - Worsted Weight (4) about 30 yards
            Royal Blue – C1, White – C2, Yellow – C3, Red – C4
Yarn Needle
For Applique -
Crochet hook - H

Stitches and Terms:
Cast on (CO)
Bind Off (BO)
Knit (k)
Together (tog)
Decrease (dec)
Change (chg)

Pattern has 3 sizes Small (Medium, Large)
S -2-15 lbs., M-16-30, L 31-50 lbs.

The Collar portion is supposed to be rolled or curled.
The ties are supposed to be short to keep them from
Getting caught in toe nails or teeth.

CO 50(65, 80) sts – C1

R: 1 - k all sts

R: 2 - p all sts

R: 3 - k all sts

R: 4 - p all sts

R: 5 - BO 1st 15(20, 25) stitches, k the rest of the sts across row,
(35, 45, 55 Sts Left on needle)

R: 6 - BO 1st 15(20, 25) stitches, k the rest of the sts across row,
(20, 25, 30 Sts Left on needle)

R: 7 - k all sts

R: 8 – chg to C2, P all sts

R: - 9-10 – Repeat R: 8

R: 11 – Chg to C1, p tog 1st 2 sts, p the next 
16(21, 26) sts, p tog last 2 sts

R: 12 - k all sts

R: 13 - p tog 1st 2 sts, p 14(19, 24) sts, p tog last 2 sts

Continue to repeat R: 12 and R: 13, 
stitching 2 dec only on the P rows
 Till you have only 2 Sts on the needle.

K tog the last 2 Sts, BO and weave in your ends.

Colorado Applique - Crochet Pattern
With C3, Ch 5, 9 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, join with a SL st,
Change to C4, ch 3, 1 sc in the same st, 2 sc in next 7 sc tie off.
Weave in your ends.
Place on front of bandanna and sew into place with matching yarn.

 Pom Pom
With all four colors of yarn, wrap around your four middle
 Fingers about 25 to 30 times,
 With a white 12 inch piece of yarn, slide it through the
Bundle of yarn and tie tightly.
Cut the pompom to even it up.
And attach to the bandanna at the point with
 The two long strands of white yarn.

Maximo is really stylin' The Bandanna.
He is such a ham!
A Crochet Versions can be found at this link:

The perfect item for the Pet lover 
and Colorado Lover!

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