Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hashimoto's and Me, And How Crochet Helps Me. | Posh Pooch Design

In November of 2016 I was diagnosed with
Click that link if you want to know what it is.


All I knew was:
1. My face, hands and feet 
were swelled like balloons.

2. I had trouble going to sleep, 
staying asleep and getting up in the morning.

3. I went from hot flashes to 
never getting warm enough.

4. My eyebrows, lashes and hair were thinning!

5. No matter how much I dieted, and exercised,
 I could not lose weight.

6. I had turned into a "melancholy baby" 
crying  at weird times and places  for no reason.

7. Itchy dry, burning skin and brittle nails.

8. And Lastly I was fatigued ALL THE TIME!
Always'tired and worn out, unable to sleep.

I mean I need a nap right now!

(If you have these symptoms, get your thyroid checked out)

I didn't realize I had all the classic
 symptoms of Hypothyroidism!
So, since my first diagnosis I have
 developed some nodules on the 
left side of my thyroid. 
NOT Cancerous, but painful.
And we have been playing around with
 medicines and supplements to figure
 out what works for me.
I am blessed with a wonderful Doctor.

My Thyroid is so mad at me.
 And I need to figure out 
what is up setting it so much!

IN July 2017 I had to have my Thyroid removed 
due to the nodules enlarging and causing breathing and
 swallowing issues.
I am feeling prety good now and 
will continue to do what I Love, 
Crocheting, Knitting and all things Yarnie,
 help to keep me sane through all this.

I can pick up a project and 
concentrate on just that project 
for that moment in time.
And Forget about my broken Thyroid.

So, if you see me in Hobby Lobby
 or Micheal's
Squeezing or caressing the yarn, 
don't worry. 
It's me being me!

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