Saturday, March 5, 2016

Swimming Is As Fun As Crocheting! | Posh Pooch Designs

I have Started a new Adventure.
I was already doing water Aerobics, 
but felt I needed to
shake up my routine a bit.
So I started swimming laps, 
and even took a swimming lesson.
I am  a little "floppy"  and Uncoordinated.
 I am still working on form, my breathing and such.
 But I really love it.
And I am really rocking those pink Goggles!
I have found being in the water healing.
There have been studies to show that people with 
Autism, ADHD, Arthritis, and Hashimotos,  to 
greatly benefit from being in the water.
The benefits of swimming are awesome.
1. It tones your muscles.
2. It builds bone density.
3. It keeps you flexible.
4. It helps to reduce inflammation.
5. It burns a bunch of Calories.
6. It lowers Stress
7. People who swim, sleep better 
But it does dry out your skin. 
Be sure to lotion up after every swim.
If you know me,
You know I love to crochet, 
knit and all things yarny, 
and now I have another love,
I would crochet and swim at the same time,
 but the yarn would get wet!

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