Friday, December 2, 2016

Braided Cowl Scarf From Lace Yarns | Posh Pooch Designs

I received a Question a few weeks ago.
She asked, " I have a bunch of Lace Yarns, 
and am tired of making
 Lace Ruffle scarves, 
what else can I make?"
How about making them into Braided or Chained Cowls?

You can use any type of Lace Yarns.
 They can have fur or velvet, sparkles and stripes.
They can even be thick or thin.
One color, variegated or striped.

See the Video  on my Youtube Channel at this 

How to make a Braided Cowl:
You simple chain them.
Leave about 3 feet unchained, start with a slip stitch
 and chain with your fingers, or large hook,
 the whole skein of yarn, except the last 3 feet.
Use the unchained portion to tie  bow.
If you want it to be a scarf, just don't tie the ends together.
Here is a blue one I made, but I tied the yarn around
 the knot, in place of a bow.
So go get those Lace yarns you have laying around and
 make some Braided  Cowls!

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