Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Live Video Chat - Can Acrylic Yarn Projects Be Blocked? | Posh Pooch Designs

This Week On Our Live Video Chat, With Sara Sach of
We are answering the Question,
" Can Acrylic yarn projects be Blocked? and should they be?

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First let's Answer the Question, '"What is Blocking"?
Blocking is basically dampening, and laying out 
your project to dry. Sometimes on a board with pins. 
It helps to shape and crisp up your projects. 
Small projects can be pinned down to a board, 
larger projects can be laid Out on a large flat surface.
You can purchase a Blocking board or use any type of sponge or foam board as long as the pins will stay in it.

I have even heard of people using cardboard, 
though I do not recommend that.

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But What about Projects made with Acrylic yarn?
Yes, absolutely you can block them.
But it is totally up to you if you feel they need it.
sometimes I do, and Sometimes I do not.
Depends on the project and what I am using it for.

What you will Need to Block a Small Project:
Some sort of foam Board.
Stainless Steele Straight pins (metal pins can leave rust marks)
A Clean towel
A Water Bottle filled with fresh water

I Place a towel across the board sometimes, 
depending on the size and weight of the project
 to catch the over spray.
I lay out the project, and pin the project. Making sure corners and shape are consistent.
Then, I spray the project with water,  just enough to dampen it, 
I do not soak it. It would take too long to dry.
If it is a small project I set it on top of my dryer to dry.
 if it is larger and the weather is nice I set it on the back deck,
 in the shade.
Once it is dry, remove the pins and it is good to go!

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