Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Live With Sara - "Tips on Sizing Crochet Patterns" | Posh Pooch Designs

Live  Video Chat With Sara Sach of
To Day we are discussing the Question
"How do I make a Crochet Pattern Smaller or Larger?

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Here are a Few Tips To Accomplish This:

1. Change Your Crochet Size. If the pattern calls for an 
H hook,and it is measuring too big or too small, 
change your hook size.I tend to crochet loose,
 so I usually go down a hook size.

2.  Change Your Yarn Weight - If the pattern is turning out
 to small, or you just want it to be bigger, use a thicker yarn.
 And if you want it smaller, switch to a smaller weight yarn.

3.Change Your Number of Beginning Chains - If the item is working to small, you can add more chains, 
and if it is too large, add less. Some patterns are worked in multiples. And Some are by measurements. 
For instance "3 chains = 1 inch". Then you know to
 make sure you measure correctly and the item will be the size you want.

And How many rows you stitch.

4. Change The Amount Of Rounds - When working in Rounds,
 it may come out to long or too short. and you may
 want to add less rounds, or more rounds.

5. Measure as you Go! Measure everything!
 Length, Width, Up, Down and Around!

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It's been a busy week!

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