Friday, January 5, 2018

How To Line A Crochet Bag | Posh Pooch Designs

This is Part 2 of The Mystery Crochet Project - Big Granny Square Project Bag
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How do we line a bag, It's very easy, actually!
Once you see how easy it is you will be lining all your bag.
Plus, This method will work for any size bag, 
Whether it's crochet, knit, or felt.

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What You Need To Line Your Bag:

1. 2 Bandannas, or pieces of fabric 22 X 22 inches
2. Needle and Thread to match your fabric
3. Straight Pins
4. Scissors
5. A Ruler or something to use as a straight edge
6. A pen
7. The Crochet bag

Step 1-
Layout the 2 Bandannas/ Fabric, Then lay the bag on top.
With the Ruler draw a straight line about a 1/2 inch out from the bag. Pin the bandannas together.
The sew across the 2 sides and the bottom of the bandanna with the needle and thread.
If you have a Sewing machine, you can absolutely use it!

Step 2 -
Fold the Sides and slip the Bandannas inside the bag.
Fold the top Down and line up the bandannas to the top of the bag. Pin in place.

Step 3 -
Sew, using whip stitches, along the top of the Bandanna lining.
 Make sure you are lined up with 2nd row of single crochet bag top.

And That's it!
Now all your goodies with stay in the bag
 and not get lost.

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