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Today's Topic,
"What Type Of Yarn Is This?

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"I was given some yarn and I can not tell what kind of yarn it is. Is there a way to do that?

Look and Compare - The very first thing to do is give
 it a good look. Compare it to yarns you are familiar with. 
Is it thin, fuzzy or rough? 
You might even try, "Asking a fellow Yarnie." 
If You Still Can't figure it out, here are some things 
you can do.

1. Try to Figure out the Weight or thickness of the yarn
using WPI or the wrap method.

WPI is Wraps Per Inch. 
"It is used to determine the thickness of Yarn.
It's important to know this, especially when you have a skein or ball of yarn without it's wrapper."

We discussed this on a recent blog - Click this Link
This will also help you identify the yarn.

2. Soak and Smell it - 
Cut off about a 12 inch piece of the yarn and soak it in really hot water for a few minutes. Now Smell the yarn.
If it smells like your pooch after playing in the water is is probably a animal fiber like Wool or Alpaca.

There will be not change for Acrylic yarn, And Cotton Yarn will soak up the water and get Puffy.

3. Rub It in your hands - If it begins to mat or felt, it is wool not acrylic. If its acrylic, the fibers will probably start to unwind. Cotton might unwind some, but very little change.

4. - Pull the yarn fibers apart- Pull the fibers apart and look at them closely. Wool will be fuzzy and slightly nubby.
Acrylic will be a little sticky, and Cotton will come apart easily.

5. Iron it - Set your iron medium. Run the iron across the piece of yarn. If it is Wool is might smell bad, but should not burn. 
Acrylic will melt very easily.

Cotton will not burn and that is why it is a good choice for hot pads and things for the kitchen. 

If you are still unable to identify the yarn, take it to your local yarn store and ask for help.


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