Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Live With Sara - I Love Yarn Day Give Away And Sewing Buttons on Crochet | Posh Pooch Designs

Live With Sara -
 I Love Yarn Day Give Away and
Sewing Buttons on Crochet 
with Sara Sach of

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 Channel At This LINK
October 13th, 2018 Is I Love Yarn Day!

I Love Yarn Day turns seven on Saturday,
October 13th, 2018 
To Celebrate we are having 
A Mystery Box Of Yarn Give Away! 
Comment on today's Youtube video.
A Winner Will Be Randomly Chosen, 
And Announced On Next Week's Video!

This Week's Question,
"How Do I sew Buttons onto my Crochet items?"
Seems like a simple Question, but there are several things
 that can go wrong, and ruin your Beautiful crochet piece.

So here is what I do:
First I make an X with the yarn and needle, 
where I want to put the button.

Leaving about a 6 inch tail of yarn under neath

I Lay the button in place.

Then I begin to sew it on making sure I sew through
 the stitches, not the holes of the crochet piece.

Once I an happy with how secure the button is
on, i turn to the back, stitch through and thread a
 few times, then tie it securely with the beginning
 tail of yarn.

You can dap a dot of fabric glue on the knot,
if you want too.

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Have a Great Week!
And Remember: 
"Being Kind is not always easy,
But it is always worth it."

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