Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Go For Faux Yarn By Lion Brand Review | Posh Pooch Designs

Go For Faux Yarn By Lion Brand Review And Pom Pom Tutorial
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

 "Go For Faux Yarn" By Lion Brand Yarns
See it at This LINK
It is Soft and Fluffy. 
And Comes in several fun and natural colors.

Basic Info:
Fiber - Polyester
Bulky (6)
3.5 oz. / 64 Yards per Skein
Crochet Hook Recommendation - N / 9.00 MM
There are several Crochet Patterns For Pom Poms
 Made with this yarn. Here is one that is fairly easy.
Crochet Faux Fur Pompom - LINK

I Love The yarn, but 
I did not care for crocheting in a tight ball with
 this yarn, as it is basically strips of fabric cut
 thinly and has no stretch.
And the Edges of the fabric portion are rough.
I decided to make a traditional pom pom and
 it worked perfectly.
I Love Them.

See The Video on my Youtube Crochet
 Channel at This LINK

Traditional Go For Faux  Pom Pom

What you Need:

Skill: Easy

Yarn: Go Faux Fur Yarn By Lion Brand or similar yarn.
           24 inch Piece of  WW (4) yarn that matched
           the Faux Fur yarn
4.5 to 5  In Wide Template or piece of sturdy card board
Fabric Glue
Crochet Hook any size
You can Make different size templates
 for different size pom poms.

What I did:

Wrap your fur yarn around the Board about 20 times,
 or more if you want a thicker pompom. Cut the yarn.

Lay out the WW(4) yarn flay across.

Gently remove the fur loops off the board, 
and lay them on the WW (4) yarn.

Tie the yarn around the fur loops, 
pulling gently but securely.
I usually place 3 knots.

Dab the knot with a drop or 2 of the Fabric Glue,
give it about 10  minutes to dry.
 Do not trim or cut the loops.
 I do not trim mine for this yarn.
You can try it an see if you like it.

Gently fluff and separate the loops for 
Full and Fluffy Pom Pom.

With Your Crochet hook, pull the yarn
 through to the inside of the hat.

Tie The Yarn into a Snug Bow
Do not knot them.
 This makes the Pom pom removable, so
 you can wash the hat if it becomes dirty.
The Hat is The Cavalier Hat, 
Crochet Pattern and Video Coming Soon.

You can get about 7  or more pompoms, 
depending on the size you make them, 
from on Skein with this method.