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FRIDAY FUN DAY - Fuzzy Momma Chick Stuffie Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach

Fuzzy Momma Chick Stuffie
 Crochet Pattern 
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

It's Friday Fun Day!
I am excited about this Fuzzy Momma Chick Stuffie
Crochet Pattern. Momma Chicken is here to take care
 of her babies, and keep them in line. No running around
 eating worms and causing trouble.
This hen is absolutely adorable And it's another
 super fun crochet pattern. 

We stitched up some Little Fuzzy Chick Stuffies
At This LINK

Using The Premier Yarn Parfait Chunky Pom pom yarn.
The baby chicks need a Momma.
 I Pulled out the White Pom pom yarn and designed one.
You will enjoy stitching with this yarn, you will not be disappointed.

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 And Lot's Of Other Yarns As Well.
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I really love how soft and squishy she stitched up and super
 cute she is. I love How the white looks for this.
I designed her in a similar style as the chicks, only bigger, 
of course.
I love how they look together, and what a super fun play
 set for kids and grandkids. It would also make a fun center 
piece for The Easter, or Spring table. Mine are going
 on the mantle for a Spring decoration.
I am sure the grandkids will want to play with them, also.

See The Video On My Crochet Youtube
Channel At This LINK

Fuzzy Momma Chick Stuffie Crochet Pattern

Please Add This Crochet Pattern To Your Raverly Favorites

Skill: Easy
Hook: J / 6.00 MM
Yarn: Bulky (6) Premier Parfait Chunky Pom pom, Let’s Glow (white) 3.5 oz.
           Small amount of orange for beak, black Med (4) for eyes
Fiber Fill - Stuffing
Yarn needle
Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Single Crochet (sc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Double Crochet (dc)

Size: 12 inches

Chick measures about 11 inches tall and 20 inches around
Ch 3 at the end of round counts as a dc

R: 1 - Ch 42, join in a circle, 
being careful not to twist the ch, join, ch 3
1 dc in each ch around, join with a slst, ch3 (42 hdc)

R: 2 - 1 dc in the next 2 dc, 2 dc in the next dc,
*1 dc in the next 3 dc, 2 hdc in the next dc*, 
Repeat from *to* around,
1 dc in the last 2 dc, join, ch 3 (52 dc)

R: 3 - 1 dc in each dc, join, ch 3 (52 hdc)

R: 4 – R: 8 – Repeat R: 3

R: 9 -Tail Feathers - 
Ch 13, attach ch to the 1st ch with a sl st, 
ch 12, attach ch to the 1st ch with a sl st, 
ch 12, attach ch to the 1st ch with a sl st, 
attach ch to the same ch
(3 tail feathers)

 R: 10 - To Sew Closed the Chick back 
Fold Chick in flat, slst the 1st 2 sts together,
st 1 sc in each of next 11 sts,
stitching through bother layers (the front and back)
 (13 sts)

R: 11 - Forming the chick neck_- Working only in the front side,
 1 dc in the next 13 sts,
 turning and working across the back layer, 1 dc in the next 13sts,
 join with a sl st to the 1st dc, ch 3 (26 dc)
This will form an opening or hole, to form the chick neck around.

 R: 12 - 1 Dc in each dc around, join to the ch3, ch1

R: 13 - We will be sewing back and front together
Sc in the 1 st 5 sts, Hdc in the next 4 sts, 2 dc in the next 2 sts,
1 dc in the next st, sc in the last st, tie off, weave in the ends. 

Beak -
Ch 5, 1sl st in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in the next ch, hdc in the next ch, 
dc in the next ch, tie off and sew on chick face.

Comb / Crown - attach yarn to the 1st dc, 3dc in the next dc,
 slst in the next dc, 3 dc in the next dc, slst in the next st, 
tie off weave in the ends. 

Sew on eyes by stitching straight sts with brown or black yarn.

Neck Point - Push in the point of the neck, 
with matching yarn and needle slst to make it smooth.
Stuffing and Finishing
Stuff the Momma Chick, With matching Yarn And needle
 Sew the bottom of the momma chick closed.

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