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12 Collars of Christmas # 8 "Button Dog Scarf Crochet Pattern"

12 Collars of Christmas Collar # 8 
"Button Dog Scarf"
For Any size Dog, Cat or pet.

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 I realize this collar is not exactly a "decorative collar" 
but I thought this was a really fun idea. 
It is made out of " I love This yarn - Blue magic Stripe". 
 It is a very easy pattern with really pretty with fast results!
 This collar can be worn along with any sweater or alone, 
either way it will keep their little necks warm. 

Button Dog Scar Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach

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Skill - Easy...Really Easy!

Materials :
Hook : H
Buttons : Any buttons of choice. I used 1/2 inch buttons.
Yarn needle
Yarn : Worsted weight (4) I used Red Heart Soft (about 1 oz. depending on size)

Stitches :
Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Skip (sk)

Pattern :
Ch 49 , for a 9 inch collar
( to adjust pattern -approx. 3 chs = 1 in, remember there is over lap on each side)

R: 1 - Sc in each ch, turn ch 1

R: 2 - Sc in first st, ch 1, skip next st, * sc in the next st, ch 1, skip next st, repeat from * across row, ch 1 turn.

R: 3 - sc in each st, turn ch 1

R: 4 1 Repeat R: 2

R :5 - Repeat R: 3

R: 6 - Repeat R: 2

R: 7 - Repeat R: 3, do not tie off

R: 8 - Sc evenly on all 4 sides of the Scarf, placing 2 sc in each corner.
Fold Scarf as shown in the picture and tack the 4 corners.
Sew your buttons on going through both thicknesses of the scarf.

Please remember, This is a decorative scarf and no intended to 
be strong enough to attache a lead or leash to. 
It lays nicely right on top of the collar, with our being uncomfortable. 
I hope you enjoy this crochet pattern..
and again, if you make one I would love to see your pics!


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