Monday, November 8, 2010

12 Collars of Christmas # 6 - "Pomp A Doodle"

Collar # 6 is the "Pop A Doodle Collar"  
What is Pomp a Doodle yarn? It is made by Red Heart Yarn company.
 It is basically a string of pom poms, really soft pompoms, 
that you can crochet on to anything.
100 % polyester, so probably best to hand wash items made with it.
 I hand wash all my furbabies sweaters and hats, 
and then lay them on top of the dryer.

 This is a statement from their webpage concerning the yarn:

Red Heart® Pomp-a-Doodle™     "Fun and super fast, you won't believe how the pom-poms work up to a soft and cuddly fabric. Use Pomp-a-Doodle as an accent with a plain yarn for amazing results! Perfect for fringe and trimwork."

100% polyester , comes in 15 different colors. I found it at Micheals.

Pomp A doodle Yarn.

Here is the pattern for the "Pomp a -a-Doddle Collar" 
By Sara Sach
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Skill : Easy

Hook : H
Yarn : "Pomp A Doodle" Red Heart brand yarn
I Love This yarn - Solids

Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Double Crochet (dc)

R - 1 : Ch 39 ( for a 9 inch collar, 3 ch = 1 inch) join in a circle, ch 2

R - 2 : 1 hdc in each ch, join ch, 2

R - 3 : 1 dc in first st, skip the next st, dc in the next st,
cross back and dc in the skipped st, *skip the next st,
dc in the next st, cross back and dc in the skipped st,
 repeat from * around collar, join, ch 1

R - 4 : 1 hdc in each st, join, ch 1

R - 5 : Change to Pomp A Doodle yarn, loosely sc in each st, join and tie off.

Using this yarn can be a little tricky, here is a link that may help you, as it did me.

These are the colors I have purchased.
The Hat pattern can be fund here:
Pomp a Doodle Dog Hat
I hope you enjoy making this crochet pattern. 
I would love to see some pics of your finished collars!
post those to


Mandy England said...

This is so cute... makes me want to make something cute for my puppy too! Thanks for linking up to our YARN IT ALL party! :]

Unknown said...

Ha ha! Oh my gosh! So cute and fun! What dog WOULDN'T love that?? Thanks for linking!