Friday, November 19, 2010

Buttercup Yarn

I just finished a custom order for two Dog Sweaters made from the Buttercup baby yarn from Red Heart.
White Buttercup Baby yarn from Red heart yarn
It was quite challenging. The thing that is so wonderful about this yarn, is also the thing that is so terrible!
It is amazingly soft! But because it is so amazingly soft it is very difficult to work with.  I discovered that I can not work with it by itself. As I began to crochet the sweater, the yarn kept breaking and would not keep its shape. It was very pretty, but a very pretty blob of yarn!

So I decided to get some soft but durable baby yarn to use along with it. I used one string of each, the buttercup and the baby yarn and it worked beautifully!!

This is the yellow buttercup and the lemon yellow baby yarn. Worked great. Gave the buttercup yarn stability and the sweater was keeping it's shape.

Finished Yellow Buttercup Dog Sweater. It feels like chenille. I know it doesn't really look like a dog Sweater, but I do not have my dogs model custom sweaters, because I don't want them to have my dogs scent on them. 
This is the Pink Buttercup Dog Sweater. Both Sweaters have pompom on the back, but if it is not wanted, it can be snipped off.

These sweaters are complete with full tummy and sleeves. I really loved making these, as I love custom orders, because it gets my creative juices flowing. But also loved the challenge of working with a different type of yarn and figuring how to make it work.

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