Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dog Poop Christmas Ornament...REALLY!

OK..... I thought of this the other Day when I was out
on the front lawn doing 'Dog Poop Patrol"
with my Grandkids who are 3 and 4 yrs old. 
I gave each one a different color plastic
poop bag and we began to pick it up
putting it in the bigger trash bag.
They thought it was a fun game and
They loved it.

Dog Poop Christmas Ornament

Please, Add this Crochet Pattern to Your
Ravelry favorites

Skill : Super Easy

Tape measure
Hook - G
Yarn Needle

Yarn : Small amount of Worsted Weight Brown, red, green, white
tiny amount of white fuzzy or short furry yarn for trim and pompom
Tiny amount of stuffing

Chain ( ch)
Single Crochet ( sc)
Single Crochet Decrease ( sc dec)

We will be working in rounds,
starting from the Santa hat tip.

R : 1 - With red yarn, ch 3, 5 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook,
join with a sl st to 1st sc to form a circle ( 5 sc)

R : 2 - 1 sc in the 1st sc, 2 sc in the next sc, 1 sc in next sc,
2 sc in the next sc, 1 sc in the last sc, ( 7 sc)

R : 3 - *1 sc in the next sc, 2 sc in the next sc,
repeat from * twice, 1 sc in the last st ( 10 sc)

R : 4 - 1 sc in each sc around ( 10 sc)

R : 5 -7 Repeat R : 4, Stuff the hat.

R : 8 : Change to brown yarn, Repeat R : 4

( we will add the white hat trim at the end)

R : 9 -21 - Repeat R : 4 - stuff the poop section.

( You can continue to add rounds for a longer piece of poop.)

R : 22 - St 1st and 2nd sc tog ( 1 st sc dec)
 St 4 more Sc dec ( 5 sc dec)

R : 23 - Continue to stitch sc dec until the opening closes, tie off pulling the extra yarn inside.

Hat Trim and Pompom

Trim: Thread a 12 inch piece of fuzzy white yarn on your needle. Stitch loose long stitches around the hat, you may need to pull a little to keep them even.

Pompom- Wrap yarn around one finger loosely, pull a 12 inch piece of yarn through the loop and tie. I didn't cut mine, but you can is you want too. use the 2 long ends to attach to top of hat.


Stitch 2 French knots or short stitches for the eyes With the White yarn.
Stitch a smile on with red yarn.

Then with green yarn, cut 2 12 inch length, then count down 5 rounds and tie them around the poop, so it pulls in and form a head. Tie in the front and trim.

Cut another 12 piece of green yarn and loop through the hat to form the tie.

I hope you think this is as funny as me
and my grandkids do.We just put up the
Christmas tree and it was the
first ornament on the tree!

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