Sunday, February 13, 2011

♪ ♫ Happy Birthday To Me! Happy Birthday to Me! ♪ ♫

♪ ♫ Happy Birthday To Me!   Happy Birthday to Me! ♪ ♫

This is a really cute Birthday cake my Daughter-In-Law, Christina
made for me. 
It is a Chocolate and Vanilla marble cake with chocolate filling.
 Covered in Chocolate Ganache. The Frosting is Chocolate pomegranate butter cream. 
The dogs are solid chocolate with butter cream sweaters and details.
 If you want a really cute and tasty custom cake made,
go to her page and order one.

I was given this really cute little Chihuahua puppies Calendar by a sweet lady friend.

Look! My Birthday is Even marked!

OOOHHH!  What's in the bag!

Woooo  Hooo!  YARN!!!!

Washer and Dryer from my Hubby!!!!!!

Went to lunch with my Mom, she gave me a book she filled in all about her cool.
 Plus a gift card to Micheal's Craft Store!

You know what I am going to buy at Micheals!  

Chihuahua Thank-you cards!

Thanks for coming by and celebrating my birthday with me!

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