Thursday, February 3, 2011

Basic Custom Dog Sweater

I have been asked many times, "Do you make a Basic Custom Dog Sweater?"   I always say, "Yes, What do you have in mind?"  Basic means different things to different people.  It might mean plain with our any embellishments, or a solid color.  It could mean no sleeves, where another person might think, "No have to have sleeves"!

Here is what "Basic Custom Dog Sweater" Means to me:

A Sweater for a small Dog, 2-15 lbs, That is created by me,
 with YOUR dogs measurements.  neck, tummy and length

In a color or colors of yarn that YOU Choose.
Here are few examples:

Variegated  with Fancy trim

Solids with solid trim

Solid with Pompoms (hat sold sep.)

Pastels for New puppies or for old puppies

Solid with a dog bone applique'

Solid with heart applique'

Solid with flower appliques' and Gem

 The creative possibilities are endless, colors and appliques, solids and variegated. 
I have quite the yarn collection, and if I don't have your choice of colors, I will get it.
 Hobby Lobby isn't that far.

Can I make your pooch a

And, If you would rather make it yourself here is the crochet pattern Link


annielizabeth said...

Hi Sara, I haven't been by to say hi for awhile but it looks like you're doing great and your pups are as cute as ever. Happy New Year and Valentines day, too. I thought I had become a follower but didn't find myself on your follower list so I became a follower today! Sending warmth your way, take care, Annie

Avril said...

Your dogs must be very proud to have such a "mother". I wish I could make dog sweaters for mine, but for now I'll keep buying them.