Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Hugs and Kisses" Dog Collar Crochet Pattern XOXOX

XOXOX  Hugs and Kisses Crochet Collar XOXOX
 for Dogs, Cats, Bunnies and Humans!
I decided to call this collar design
 "Hugs and Kisses" because of the back post
 "crosses" and "holes" in the pattern of collar. 
I wanted to make something pretty and fun for my dogs,
 as well, as learn a new technique. I really enjoyed 
designing this piece and how you will too.

Hugs and Kisses Dog Collar Crochet Pattern by Sara sach
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Skill : Easy to moderate (for the front and back post tr)

Hook : H
Yarn -Worsted Weight ( I used the Dazzle Yarn, it has a sparkly affect)
2 buttons

Chain (ch)
Double crochet (dc)
Front Post Treble Crochet (ftc)
Back Post Treble crochet (btc)
this is a video on how to front post Treble crochet

This pattern is for 10 inch neck, you will need to measure
 your dog's neck and adjust the pattern, (3 chs = 1 inch).

R : 1 - Ch 31 with first color( for a 10 inch collar)
 30 dc starting in the 2nd ch from the
hook, ch 2, turn

R : 2 - Change to second color, 1 dc in the first st,
 *skip the next st, tr in the back post of the next st, cross back
 and tr in the back post of the skipped st. dc in the next 3 sts, ch1,
skip the next st, 1 dc in the next 3 sts,
 repeat from * two more times, 1 dc in the last 6 sts, ch2 turn.

R : 3 - *1 dc in the first 6 sts, tr in the front post of the cross, cross back
 and tr in the front post of the crossed st, 1 dc in next 3 dc, ch1, skip the next st,
 1 dc in the next 3 sts, repeat from * 2 more times, 1 dc in the last 3 dc, turn

R : 4 : Change back to first color, 1 dc in each st, tie off and weave in ends.


Line up the ends of the Collar and sew buttons in place with matching yarn.
Fold Collar in half and gently push buttons through the collar.

Next weeks pattern is for my chihuahua,  
Do your dogs have tear eyes? Maximo does. 
I have been wanting to design a little scrubby
 or something to clean his tear eyes with...
Let's see what I can come up with.

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