Tuesday, September 3, 2013

African Flower - Picture Tutorial

African Flower Motif
 And Hot Pad Crochet Pattern
 By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs
This is my Version of the African Flower Crochet Pattern.

PLEASE NOTE: I recommend if you are going to use this
 Motif as a Hot pad or Pot Holder to make it out of a 
Cotton or Cotton Blend.
Acrylic yarn can burn burn and burn you.
I Wrote This Crochet Pattern in 2013 and decided it
 needed a retest, and Update.

As well as, A Brand New Video
This Pattern is a great way to use up some of your 
yarn  left overs and make some lovely projects.
Scarves, bags, place mats, table runners, Hot pats and much, much more.

See The Video Tutorial on my Youtube Channel at this LINK

African Flower Motif And Hot Pad Crochet Pattern
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Skill- Easy to moderate

Crochet Hook - H / 5.00 mm 
Yarn - 4 colors Worsted Weight (4) I used Red heart Super Saver I had on hand 
Yarn Needle

Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch  (sl st)
Single Crochet (sc)
Double Crochet (dc),
Half Double Crochet  (hdc)

Size: 8 Inches

 Ch3 Counts as a dc
 Ch1 Does not Count as st
Rounds are joined with a slst

R: 1 - With C1, ch 5, join in a circle, ch 3 (counts as 1 dc),
11 dc in the circle, join to the 3rd ch with a slst.(12dc)

R: 2 - change to C2, 
(by pulling a loop of C2 through the last loop, tie off C1),
ch 3, 1 dc, ch 2, 2 dc in the space between the 1st set of 2 dc,
"2dc, ch 2, 2 dc" in between the next 2 set of 2 dc, 
repeat around for 6 clusters, join.
(6 sets of 2dc, ch2, 2dc)

R: 3  - Sl st to the 1st ch 2 space, ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), 
6 more dc in the same space, ch 2,
*7 dc in the next ch 2 space, ch 2
Repeat around for a total of 6 clusters, join.

R: 4 - Change to yarn color C3, tie off C2, 
1 sc in the next 7 sts, 1 hdc in the next ch2 space*
 Repeat from * to * join.
(6 sets of 7 sc, 1 hdc)

R: 5 - Change to C4, tie off C3, 1 dc in 1st 4 sts, 
1dc, ch2, 1 dc  in the next st.
(should be in the center stitch above each cluster, )
*1 dc in the next 7 sts, 1 dc, ch2, 1 dc in the next st* 
Repeat around, 1 dc in the last 3 dc,  join.
(6 sets of 7 dc, and dc, ch2, dc)

 R : 6  -  Change to C1, tie off C4, 1 dc in 1st 5 sts, 
dc, ch2, dc in the next st,
(should be in the center stitch above each cluster, )
*1 dc in the next 9 sts, 1 dc, ch2, 1dc in the next st. 
Repeat around,  join, tie off

For hanger, before you tie off, ch12, join to the same dc, and tie off. weave in all your ends.

For a thicker Hot pad, make 2 and sc them together.

If you want a bigger Motif, Continue to Repeat R: 6 until the desired size.
 you will increase by 2 dc on each side, each row.

And that is how I made my African Flower.

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