Monday, September 23, 2013

Pattern Sharing and Designers

I am a little miffed today!

When I give you a pattern for free, that is a paid pattern, in a give away or free gift  
that does not give you the right to "share" it with whom ever you feel.
The gift was for you.

I spend a lot of time coming up with new designs for my crochet patterns.

How do I do this?

Sketch, draw, pick colors, pick yarn, crochet test items, take pictures, edit pictures, (after many hours of training my dogs) type up the pattern, edit the pattern, test the pattern, have other designers test the pattern, have reg. people test the pattern, edit the pattern,

 Before it is even ready  to offer it for sale.

It takes many hours of preparation 
and work to design a crochet pattern- 

I will probably not be giving away
 free paid patterns anymore.

I love designing crochet patterns, 
I love to give patterns away.
I Love to be generous.
But it saddens me to see my 
Crochet patterns shared.

When you do this, it ruins it for everyone.

I am not going to go into the copyright thing, 
I am talking about dishonestly, and stealing.

Please, be thoughtful of 
Crochet Pattern designers,
and the work they do.


niccupp said...

It really irritates me how much time a designer has to spend battling theft. Theft of photos, pattern sharing, etc. It just stinks for everyone.

Karen S Vaughn said...

That's so sad and upsetting when you work so hard to make those adorable outfits! This very thing is one reason I haven't made any paid patterns. My blog posts are all free patterns but they are not anywhere near as involved as what you've done. I do have some original patterns that I would just love to sell but the theft of other peoples work keeps me from posting them.

Crochet Addict UK said...

That is awful! I am a designer as well and try and support as many other designers as possible. I am so sad to hear that!

Anonymous said...

I'm in No way.defending theft or the sharing of patterns. However.I can see how some one would not feel like they are doing something wrong sharing a free pattern. We get free things from the dentist, the bakery and so on and there is no expectations that once we have it we can't allow some one else to use it or have it. So when it comes to free patterns I'm sure there is confusion about what being free is/means and the acceptable use of a free item once it's in ones possession.