Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Afghan made just for me!!!

When I came home yesterday, 
after playing with the pooches at the park,
 there was a package on my porch.
I had ordered some yarn from Joann's for 
Christmas presents,
and thought it was my yarn.

It wasn't..it was something even better then yarn.
It was this beautifully made Afghan.
Each square was made by one lady, 
and all the squares where carefully 
stitched together,
to form this beautiful blanket.
Each square has a tag to say who made each one.
Ladies, I don't know in person, 
 made this for me.
I am so humbled by their thoughtfulness.

My precious Momma had fought a battle 
with breast cancer,
 and she lost that battle  on July 16, 2013.
I miss her so much.

This beautiful blanket is a long distance hug 
from some wonderful ladies.
I Love that each square is different 
with different colors.
I Love the pooch appliques, too.
So much time and effort went to making this.
I am humbled by their care and thoughtfulness.

And as you can see, Maximo and Rosie Bell love it too.

These ladies also made a blanket for my Sister, Lisa.
I am looking forward to seeing the picture of hers.
Here is the picture of the beautiful afghan 
made for my sister.
She loves it. What a precious gift of love.
Thank you so much.
I love it.


Unknown said...

That's is such a wonderful, thoughtful gift!

Elisabeth Spivey said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! What a wonderful gift!

Marlene J said...

Wonderful work - wow!