Saturday, May 24, 2014

What Is Memorial Day? And Few Flag Crochet Patterns.

I Love America, 
I Love The American Flag 
I Love The Pledge of Allegiance.
I remember saying it
 every morning in School.
So here are a few Flag Crochet Patterns.
To help us Celebrate 
 and Remember that
"Freedom is not Free".

What is Memorial Day?
"Memorial Day is a US federal holiday wherein 
the men and women
 who died while serving in the
 United States Armed Forces are remembered"
Thank you for my Freedom!
I did "tweek" them all,
 a little, to add more detail and fun.

I added a Gold Trim 
and a Gold Star 

I added some gold trim and 
a couple of white star buttons.

3. Can Cozie - I striped mine a 
little bit different, 
and added some 
fun Patriotic buttons.

I used 2 strands of Sport weight yarn for
 the red, white and blue stripes,
 and then did the trim and handle 
with worsted weight gold, 
added the gold flower
 and a fun button.

This is the star pattern I used.

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