Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring Flowers Baby Blanket By Carolina Guzman

I was asked by a dear friend to make 
a baby blanket for her soon to arrive niece.

I decided to use the pattern written 
By Carolina Guzman
Of  One and Two Company.

You can find the Free pattern at this link:

This pattern is written perfectly.
It looks complicated, Bit it is not.
It is worded in such a way, that it is easy as pie.
And there is also chart to follow.

I crocheted the blanket with
 It is several shades of purple with a little 
bit of pink running through it.
And the yarn is sooooooooooo   soft!

In this Shot, you can really see the flower pattern,
 and the colorway of the yarn.

Now I need to block the baby blanket 
and then pack it up pretty. 

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