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How to Wash Yarn and Things Made With Yarn | Posh Pooch Designs

Can I wash my yarn, the cat peed on it or 
"I spilled coffee on it.

The Answer is YES!

But, how is determined by what the yarn is made of.

Remember those yarn labels we talked about a while back.
The yarn you are using should have a set of symbles
 to tell you how to wash it.
Here is a link to the Laundry Guide for textiles: LINK

1.  Washing
2. Drying
4. Ironing
5. Bleaching
6. Dry Cleaning

Let's talk about some of the different mediums that yarn is composed of.

Always read the label for washing instructions, as there might be  some other fiber spun in you are not aware of.

You can see this Video on our Youtube Channel at this LINK

1.Wool Yarn - Do not put it in the washing machine unless you are felting it.
You can spot wash Wool for a spot, but to wash the whole item, use just a drop of soap, hand wash in cool water, never warm or hot water, it will shrink. Do not wring, stretch or agitate. 
To dry lay the item flat on a towel.

I would say this is true of Most Yarns from animal Fur or fiber.
 like Alpaca, angora or ox. But again always read your yarn label.

2. Cotton Yarn - In most cases Cotton yarn can be  Machine wash and dried. There are some Colors that have been known to run, like dark red and hot pink. To keep that from happening wash in cold water.

I think some of my cotton wash clothes do better after a wash or 2.

3. Acrylic Yarn- Acrylic yarn is made of synthetic fiber, it does not stain, shrink or felt. It can however get a little "crunchy" if you
put in the dryer. And it can be a little rough. Most labels will tell you, that is fine to machine wash and dry, and that is true.

But my thoughts are, I have worked on this masterpiece of fiber art for so long, that I do not what it getting crunchy or falling apart.
I want it to last as long as possible.

So what I do, if I am washing a blanket, a throw or several items, 
I add 1 Tablespoon of White Vinegar and 1 Tablespoon of Blue Dawn dish washing liquid, wash in cool water on gentle.
I then hang it over my deck rail to dry.
Works great every time, and the White vinegar get out any smell residue, and softens it up.

Lastly, I tried the Wash your Red heart Super saver in a nylon bag to soften it up, idea. Mine did not work. I had a awful tangled mess.
And it was not any softer. 

I recommend washing it as I said above, after the blanket or project is finished. 

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