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Posh Pooch Designs, Where it all Began | Posh Pooch Designs

Posh Pooch Designs 

Who came first?
Posh Pooch Designs or Maximo and Rosie?

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It All began with a little white spotted 
Chihuahua named Maximo.
My sister helped me find him. I really wanted a little girl dog,
But when we went to pick him up,
 I think we bonded on the spot.
The door was opened and he walked out, a little thin, a little scraggly, in need of a bath, but so beautiful.
 My sister picked him up and handed him to me.
He looked at me and licked my face.
That was it! I was his.
I named him Maximo because it means Bright little child.

He was very smart and learned his name 
and my commands quickly.
I started making him little sweaters and 
hats because he was cold all the time.
As most chihuahuas are.

I was worried that he was lonely when we were gone from the house and So we decided to get him a little sister.
When we got Rosie she was 14 weeks old 
and weighed 1.4 lbs.

 She was tiny and under fed, but I saw a special 
spark in her eyes and bounce in her step.

We were going to call Her Lily Bell, but when my
 husband saw her, he changed her name
to Rossita Bell -  Which means Rosebud.

At First I had to give her puppy milk, 
everything else made her sick. Eventually, she was able
 to eat real puppy food. 
As she grew bigger and stronger, 
her bond with Maximo grew as well.
He mothered her like she was his baby.

She was very playful and he was very patient.

Today they are inseparable. If one goes to the Vet. 
They both have to go or the other 
will cry the whole time they are gone.

Maximo and Rosie are the heart of 
These two sweet and loving pooches are
 the reason I started designing
 and creating dog Sweaters, hats and a bunch more.
As well as, the reason I keep on designing.

You will rarely see on pooch without the other.
 I was a little bothered that now that Maximo 
and Rosie or 7 and 8 years old, that they are 
considered Senior Dogs.
They are still so young and playful, such patient 
Dog models.
They will do what ever is asked of them for the 
payment of a dog cookie or 2.

I still design Dog items, but also design items for people.
 That is why my I changed my theme from,

"Where crochet has gone to the dogs."
"Designs for pooches, designs for people,

 and designs for fun!"

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