Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Traveling With Crochet - Be Prepared | Posh Pooch Designs

It is the time of year for vacations, 
travel  and Fun.

One of the questions I get all the time is,
"Can I take my crochet hook, 
 or scissors on an air plane?"

I decided to put together some tips
 on taking your Crochet and Knitting on vacation.
And I hope this answers all your questions.

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1. Check with the Rules of the Airline you are flying with.
These rules are usually listed on the website, 
and if you can not find the information, call them.

Here is what the TSA states,
"On domestic flights in the US,
 knitting needles and crochet hooks are permitted by the TSA
 in carry-on luggage. The TSA suggests that you carry wooden
 or plastic needles over metal. 
Circular knitting needles are preferred over straight. 
Each country is different, though."

Here is a link to the TSA Blog
That discusses this.

2. Never take your expensive of sentimental 
hooks, scissors or supplies. If they decide to take 
one of them from you, you may lose one that
 is very special.

3. Hooks -Take a Plastic hook, or knitting needles.
They are less likely to take a plastic hook, and if they do, 
you have only lost a few bucks.
4. Scissors - For Cutting yarn, take some nail clippers, 
instead of scissors. You can clip your yarn easily,
 and those are allowed.

5. Stitch Markers -It is a good idea to take a few Stitch markers. 
You will probably be interrupted a few times and 
can mark your spot, to come back to it later.
Plastic needles, plastic stitch markers, and a nail clipper.
Put them inside an old plastic bottle. 
Stores great in your project bag and if it gets lost, 
again, you are only out a few dollars.

6. The Yarn - Prepare your yarn. Make sure you have the center 
pull ready, or your yarn balled up neatly and ready to go.
I even remove the paper wrapper and store it in the 
bottom of my project bag.

7. The Project - Really think about the projects you take. It is best to take a project you are familiar with. if you are going to work on something new, read over the pattern ahead of time, to make sure you understand it.

8. The Project Bag -Have all your supplies packed in a project bag that
 you can put in the bin for the scanner. I always us a gallon
zip lock bag, and tuck that inside my carry on bag or
 as I call it "Big O" Purse".

9. The Pattern - many people prefer to make a copy of their 
pattern and store it in your project bag. But you can store it on your phone or tablet by downloading it ahead of time. Then you do not have to mess with any papers or loosing the pattern.

10. My recommendation for projects for traveling are Cotton washcloths. The yarn is small and compact. You do not have to change colors on very often. And that you do not have to think about the pattern once you get started, in most cases.

Here are a few ideas of Wash cloths that are fun 
and easy to crochet.

If I am visiting and staying in someones home, 
I work on a set of 2 or 3 washcloths
 to give them as a thank you gift.

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