Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Live Video - How to Weave in Your Ends On Amigurumi Dolls and Stuffies | Posh Pooch Designs

One of the Questions I received this week is, 
"How do I hide my knots and weave in the ends on
Amigurumi dolls and Stuffies?'
This is a very good Question and there are a
 few different ways to do this.
Because Stuffies have pieces that need to be sewn
 together and sewn on, so there are lots
 of  ends to tidy up.

See the Video on my Youtube Channel at this LINK

Here are a few techniques I use 
I am sure there are other techniques, 
but I have found these  work best for me.

1. Always, always, always weave in the ends with a needle.
This is very important.  I have tried just using the hook, 
or stitching over, which works for some projects,
 but for Amigurumi dolls, it will not stay if you do
 not use a needle. 

2. I hide your knots behind the pieces-
When I am sewing the pieces together, 
I hide the knot behind or between them.

3. I weave the yarn to the back - 
When I am sewing on small pieces, like eyes, ears or bows.
I pull the yarn to the back of the, and 
weave the needle back and forth, till I am out of yarn.

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