Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Live Video - What Type of Crocheter are you? Posh Pooch Designs

There are 2 types of Crocheters.
Artistic Crocheters and Technical Crocheters.
When I first learned to crochet, I measured everything
and never gave a second thought to the Stitch count.
 I went by inches, not gauge.
I was told that is because I am an Artist.
So I have come to the conclusion that there are 
2 types of Crocheters.

Technical Crocheters and Artistic Crocheters.
These are my definitions and explanations.
One is not better then another, 
they are just different and see Crochet Differently.

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Technical Crocheters need the details, stitch counts 
and gauge or they can not crochet. And they will not deviate 
from them no mater what. If the project is off by 1 count,
 they can not go on or finish the project till that is resolved. 
They become easily frustrated and will give up rather then
 stray from the plan. I find they also have to have the 
exact yarn or fiber and color the pattern calls for. 
Technical Crocheters also tend to be tighter crocheters.

Artistic Crocheters like having the details, but use it as
 more of a guide. If the Stitch count or gauge is off you 
adjust the pattern till it works. You are comfortable changing
 it to your way of thinking.
And love the challenge of figuring out why the stitch is off, 
or the size is wrong. The Artistic Crocheter loves to change
 the yarns, textures, Hooks and Colors just to see what will 
happen.Artistic Crocheters seem to be looser Crocheters.
"Loose Hookers" as Some would say! 
Like I said, These are my thoughts and definitions, 
and some conclusions that I have found to be relatively
 true.It does not make one type better or worse, 
it is just different ways of thinking.

And Wouldn't the world be a boring place,
 if we all thought the same?

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