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Live Video Chat - When do I ch 3 --- Before or After the Turn? | Posh Pooch Designs

Live Video Chat with Sara of
Today we are discussing,

"When Do I ch 3, Before or after
 the turn.
Do I join and ch 3 before are
 after the color change?"

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Lets Start with Crocheting in the Round.
When you crochet in round, 
where you join the rounds with a slip stitch, you ch 3 
and it usually counts as the 1st double crochet 
for the next round.
Yes, you join with a slip stitch and ch 3  

-- But what if you are changing colors on the next round?

If you are changing colors on the next round, 
Join with a slip stitch, 
then change colors, and Ch3 after the color change.
This Way you will have a neat and tidy color change.

Now to answer the 2nd part of the Question -
"Do I turn and Change 3, or do I ch3 and Turn?"

Both are correct.
"turn and Ch3" and "Ch3 and turn"
 are actually the very same technique. Just worded differently.
 The Designer of the pattern may have a reason for the wording order, depending on what you did before or after the turn.

The only difference is, 
if you are changing colors for the next row.
You will change colors before you ch 3.
That way the 1st dc will be the same color as the row. 
Because again, the 1st ch 3, usually, 
counts as the 1st Double Crochet.
But when in doubt check with the pattern designer
just to be sure.

This is the same if you are stitching
sc, dc, hdc, Tr, etc. in rows.

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