Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Live Video Chat - Help! My dog Won't wear His Sweater! | Posh Pooch Designs

This Weeks Question for Our Live Video Chat is
 "Help, I bought my dog a sweater and 
they will not wear it, Why not?
The Answer to Your Question is,
 "It does not smell good to them!" 

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Dogs are Creatures of smell and scent.
That's why they sniff stuff, like other dog's butts.
A Dog will eat or lick weird things if it smells 'good".

The Sweater needs to smell like a smell the dog likes.
Well, how do we do that?

There are a couple of things that will work.
When your buy or make a sweater, hat or even a new blanket for your dog you need to get it to smell good to them.
So first off, the day before you want them to wear it,
 rub it on your arm, or leg to get your sent on it.
They love you and will like it if it smells like you.

Another thing you can do is place the new item in their crate or bed, under their blanket. But not when they are laying on it.
 They may tear it up. But after they leave their spot lay the new item under their blankets and leave it their.
 It will get their sent on it.

The 2nd part of the Question 
" Does my dog really need a sweater?"

Most dogs do not, it is just fun to dress them up.
 But Dogs who do need a sweater are inside dogs who 
are not used to the cold. Also hairless dogs and cats.
Just watch your dog and see if they are cold, and you make the decision. 

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