Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Live Video - Tips on Crocheting With More Than One Strand of Yarn | Posh Pooch Designs

On today's Live Video Chat we are discussing how to Crochet with more than one strand of yarn, 
and why you would want, or need to.

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 First Lets Discuss why you would want or need to.

1. If You want a chunky "look" but only have thin yarns on hand, you can crochet with 2 strands of yarn.
 This works just fine, I often use 2 strands of WW(4) to replace a Chunky (5).

2. If You want 2 colors of Yarn worked together - This is another great idea.
 Using 2 colors or even 3 for a fun colorful look.

3. If you  want a thick bulky rug or blanket.
Using 3 or 4 strands can give you a thick and sturdy rug or blanket. 
And if you use a Worsted weight, it is washable.

Note: if a pattern calls for bulky and you want to substitute 2 or 3 strands of yarn. 
You will want to Make a swatch to make sure it equals out.
Remember not all Worsted Weight yarn is created equal!

Okay, So how do I do Crochet holding 2 or
 more stands together.

 Basically you crochet the exact say way as 1 strand, 
only you are holding the strands together.

If you are using the same color and weight of yarn. and 2 strands of yarn,
You can pull from both ends of the skein, holding the 2 strands together.
Or you can ball up the skein into 2 balls, working 1 strand off each ball.

If you are using 3 strands, you will probably want to use 3 skeins or balls.

It depends on the project when technique I use.

I hope this answered you questions.
 If you have any questions you want answered,
 feel free to ask them.
 if I do not know the answer, 
I will try my best find one for you.

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