Thursday, January 26, 2017

Silly Yarn Poem - I'm Just An Oma Having Fun! | Posh Pooch Designs

Silly Yarn Poem - I'm Just An Oma Having Fun
Written by Sara Sach of
 Posh Pooch Designs
I wrote this silly poem about yarn, because 
someone on Youtube told me,
" You need to be more professional".
 My answer was, " I am not a professional,
 I am Just an Oma having fun!"

Oh, My Grandkids call me Oma.
See me "perform" the Poem on my Youtube Channel at This LINK

I’M Just an Oma Having fun!

I Love Balls of Yarn, and crochet hooks.

I Just don’t have time for Romance Books.

I Got lots of yarn balls up to the ceiling,

made of squishy Fluff,

I’ve Got every color imaginable and More,

Because I just cannot get enough.

But, that’s ok with me… 

Because I’m just an Oma having fun!

I’ve been told, I am hooker fine, 

Because I love to Crochet.

But I just cannot help it, 

I need to do it every day!

I love to use my crochet hook 

to create what’s in my mind.

Looping, joining, and slip stitching 

with all the yarn I find.

And that’s Okay With me… Because I am

 just an Oma having fun!

Knitting is fun, and it looks great,

 it’s as pretty as can be.

Embroidery, tatting or cross stitch

just don’t do it for me.

I need my hook and balls of yarn 

well within my reach.

And Some would even say,

that makes me a yarn Freak!

But ya know, that’s okay With me…

Because I am just an Oma having Fun!

So you see, I am just an Oma having Fun,

 Doing what I love to Do,

Acrylic, cotton, alpaca too, 

Bamboo blends and Wool,

Whether the yarn is thick or thin,

 I just love it all.

Yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn,

I just love all  yarn!

And I m’ Just An Oma having Fun….

With YARN!

Written By Sara Sach

 I even have Yarn balls in my hair!

I guess I am  Yarn Goddess!

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