Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Live Video Chat - Happy New Year 2017! | Posh Pooch Designs

Happy New Year 2017! 
From Sara, Maximo and Rosie

On Today's Video Chat,
 we are talking about our Plans for 2017!

We have so many fun things planned
And I am so excited to share them with you.
See the Live Video on my Youtube 
Channel at This LINK

We have started a A Year Long
 Crochet A Long
The Temperature Scarf
See the Blog about it HERE

We are doing a 6 inch Afghan/ Granny square 
each month, inspired by the Month's Birthstone. 
January  -  Garnet Square

We also have plans to re-film several of or videos
 on Youtube, as well, as many new videos
 of existing crochet Patterns.
 When I do this, the pattern gets re-tested and re-edited.
You can check out my Youtube Channel HERE
On My Youtube Channel You will find 4 types of Videos
1. Crochet Pattern Tutorials -
    These are Videos of my Crochet Patterns.
2. Videos to Answer Questions about my Patterns.
     These are videos that I try to answer questions
     that have been asked about my patterns.
3. Crochet Techniques  - 
    These are videos to demonstrate a certain technique or
    trick that I have learned and want to share with you. 
4. Live Videos - 
    I do a Live Video every Tuesday at 9:30 AM MST
   on my facebook business page - Posh Pooch Designs
I do want to address a few questions I received in the last few weeks concerning my Youtube Channel-

First Question, " Why do people give you a thumbs down (dislike)?

Answer: I really do not know. I do know that not everyone
 will like me or my style. I am OK with that. I want my Youtube channel to be different than what is already out there.

  Youtube does not differentiate between a "like" and a "dislike",
 it just sees it as interaction. So it is not hurting me in any way.

2nd Question: " How do I find the Crochet Pattern you are demonstrating in the video?"

Answer: All the Patterns being demonstrated will have a
 Link in the notes under the video demonstrating it. 
there is usually a "arrow" to click on to "show more",
 if you do not see it. You can also find them, here on my blog.
Use the tabs that at the top of this blog.

3rd Question: "Why was my Comment deleted?"

Answer: There are 2 basic reasons a Comment is deleted.

First- If  your comment contained any unkindness, bullying,
 or any negativity, it will be removed. 

Secondly- If your comment contained inappropriate language
 or curse words. Your comment will be removed.

Third- If the comment contains a link that Youtbe thinks is spam,
 it will not be shown till I approve it.

I have noticed that I will receive an email that says a comment
 was made, But then I go to the video and I do not see it.
 I do not know why.
To See A Video of 
"What is Happening on my You Tube Channel"
Click This LINK

I have many new Crochet Patterns
 "dancing around in my head", 
and am very excited to share these with you,
 through this new year!

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