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Live Video Chat With Sara - Magic Circle Vs. Ch2 Circle Method - Posh Pooch Designs

Live Video Chat With Sara Sach 

I am Just An Oma Having fin,
 I am not a professional! 
On today's Live Video Chat we are discussing 
the Magic Circle Vs. Ch2 Method.

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I have gotten several questions concerning which
 technique is better. 
When I first started Crocheting the Magic Circle or
 Magic Ring was often called the 
"Beginning Circle or Ring".

But Actually I learned 3 different Methods
 for Starting a Crochet Circle.

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What is the Magic Circle:
The Magic Circle is a technique used to start a crochet project, when crocheting in a circle.
You form a loose loop of yarn, which you crochet around,
 that can be pulled closed after the first round.

What is the Ch2 Circle Method:
The Ch2 Method is also used in forming a beginning circle.
You ch2, then stitch your first ring of stitches in
 the 2nd ch from the hook, then join in a circle.

What is the Chain 5, join Method:
This Method is where you literally chain 5, and join in a circle, Then begin stitching in the circle.

All three Methods work great and it is usually a preference
 as to which method to use. There are however, some 
projects that I prefer the ch2 method, such as small toys. 

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