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Today's Topic - What is Freeform Crochet?
Often called "Painting With Yarn", is basically 
"designing as you go". 
There are no rules or special techniques
 that you have to follow. It is up to your creativity and imagination what you can crochet. 
Freeform Crochet is more Art, then Technique.

What is "Scrumbling in Freeform Crochet

Scrumbling is when you  crochet several different style pieces, Crocheted from several different colors of yarn, stitching in several textures, stitches and sizes. 
These pieces are called Scrumbles - They can be crocheted or knitted. They can be circles, spirals, flowers, and shapes. They  can be thick or thin and add different thicknesses add more dimension. You can even mix yarn textures and fibers.
There are no rules!
You can choose a color theme, or just wing it!
No counting stitches! No counting Rows!
Then these individual pieces are sewn together to form one finished piece.
Another Method of "Scrumbling is to make Swatches, or use existing Swatches, sew them together for make a new item.
Then Once the pieces are sewn together, continue to add stitches and techniques - I call it create as you go.
Lastly - Freestyle Crochet  is all about  finding
 your own style and doing your own thing!
Use up your yarn scraps, 
mix colors and textures, and just have fun!

There are some patterns to get you started, 
here are some that might help you - LINK @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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See you next week - We will be talking about
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