Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Live Video - How to be Prepared For a Crochet Christmas | Posh Pooch Designs

Are You Prepared For a Crochet Christmas?
Live With Sara of
Are you Crocheting your decorations?
Stockings? Wreath? Ornaments?
Maybe a Tree Skirt?
Are you Crocheting gifts?
 Scarves, hats or mittens?
Do You have what you need for your Projects?
So are you feeling overwhelmed yet?
ya, me too.

See The Live Video on my Youtube Channel at This LINK

So here is what I do.
Make lists.....just like Santa Does.

1. What decorations do I want to make?
Do I have the yarn and Supplies for these projects.

Tree skirt          Yes
3 Stockings        No
7 star ornaments   Yes

2. Make a list of the people You want to make items For and what you want to make them. And Do I need supplies

Susie          Hat      yes
Betty      mittens   yes
Joe           scarf        No
Granny     Slippers   Yes

3. Make a list of the needed Supplies and then
 you can get what you need.
yarn  - red and blue - 3 oz
buttons  -4 1 inch
bells  - small bag

4.Then Catorgorize your projects:
Work your Most Important Projects first.

Work those that need to be shipped.

Then Work on the larger and more time
 consuming projects next. 

5. What if I don't get all my projects done?

Do Not Panic.
If you are one who stays up all night and day to finish,
that's great, but you are not having fun is you are all stressed out.

If your projects for decorations are done, 
there is always next year.
If your gifts aren't finished... you can wrap up a pic of what you are making and finish when you can.
Or put it away, and save it for next year.

Do Not Kill Yourself getting your projects done!
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