Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Live Video - Winners and Loops of a Stitch | Posh Pooch Designs

Live With Sara Sach of
Happy Valentines Day!

This weeks Live Video,
we are talking about the loops
 of a Stitch.
Front loop, Back look, Top loops.
Are you  feeling a little "Loopy".

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Let's Take a Look:The Loop closes to you is the front loop, the loop away from
 you is the back loop.

When you are stitching into the top of the Stitch:
Stitching through the Top Loops, or Stitching through Both Loops.

You put your hook through both the top loops at the top of the stitch, to make your stitch.

The Pattern will tell you Front loop (FLO) or Back loop (BLO),  But if the pattern doesn't indicate front or back, then you need to to stitch in the top loops, going through both of the loops.
There will be times when a designer will have you place the hook or stitch in different location.


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