Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Live With Sara -"Ch1, Turn or Turn, Ch1", and Social Media | Posh Pooch Designs

Live With Sara of

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We have a few Questions today:

1. Is it "ch1, turn, or turn, ch1"
And when or why do we turn?

Both are the same thing, You do the same thing, 
and get the same results when you are stitching single crochets in  rows.
Whether you ch1 before or after the turn, does not matter.

But, you usually do not turn when stitching in the
 round or in circles. 
It is Usually stitched - join, ch 1 and keep going
 in the same direction.
If the designer has you turn, they have a reason.

 Maybe for a stitch pattern, texture or directional change needed for the pattern.

2. Where can I find you on
 Social Media?

You can Find me at these Links:

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Facebook - Posh Pooch Designs

Twitter - Sara Sach @ Posh Pooch Designs

Google+ - Sara Sach @Google+ 

Ravelry - Sara Sach @ Ravelry

Blog - Posh Pooch Designs Blog

Instagram - sarapochpooch

3. How to Join in on the 
"Live Facebook Chat".

Tuesdays at 9:30 Am Mountains time
On the Posh Pooch Designs Facebook page
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We Like to Have fun and Be in formative. And Laugh!


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