Tuesday, August 20, 2019

COFFEE AND CROCHET WITH SARA (25) August Winner Announced

August Winner Announced 
With Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

We are announcing the Winner of the August Give
 Away on today's Video.
Was it you?
 Watch the Video and see.

See The Video on my Youtube Crochet 
Channel At This LINK

We talked about Scarf lengths last week, 
but about infinity scarves and cowls?

The Cowl / Circle Scarf - Should be about 18 inches around, and about 24 inches if you want to wear it as a Hood / Snood.
It is a short scarf joined into a circle.

The Infinity Scarf/ Mobius Scarf 
 The scarf is the same length around as a regular scarf,
Only it is twisted and joined.
Click This Link for the Scarf Measurement  Chart - LINK

The Terms Cowl and Infinity Scarf have been used interchangeably. 
They both refer to a scarf that is joined.
The cowl usually means that the scarf is joined, by not twisted.
 An Infinity or Mobius Scarf has a
 twist to look similar to the infinity symbol.

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