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COFFEE AND CROCHET WITH SARA - Let's Talk Granny Squares | Posh Pooch Designs

Let's Talk Granny Squares
With Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

Granny Squares Are Not Just For Grannies!

Granny Squares have made a big come back, 
and I am so glad, because I love them.
So, let's talk Granny Squares

The History of the Granny Square

The Granny Square made it's first debut in1891,
It wasn't until 1897, that a written crochet pattern was published in 
The Crochet Pattern was similar to the pattern we 
use today. The Only difference was that the Granny
 Clusters on the first Square contained only 2 Double crochets, 
where we usually use 3 double Crochets.
But Other than that, we use the same basic Granny Square
 Crochet pattern today.

But why are they called Granny Squares?
Well, simply put, Because Grannies like to Crochet them.
They use left over yarns, and sew them into lovely
 blankets and projects, to be thrifty.

What is the difference between a Granny Square
 And An Afghan Square?

A Granny Square it the traditional Granny Square.
An Afghan Square is any Crochet Square that can be 
stitched into an Afghan blanket.

So, All Granny Squares are Afghan Squares,
 but not all Afghan Squares are Granny Squares.

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