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Healing Butterfly Beanie Crochet Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

 Healing Butterfly Beanie
 Crochet Pattern
By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

I have received a lot of requests for the Healing Butterfly
 Beanie to be made in cotton yarn, in 
place of the acrylic yarn it was originally designed from.
I felt it was time to retest and up date the pattern and I love
 how it stitched up in the cotton yarn.

I used Sugar Ad cream cotton yarn, in the potpourri
 Ombre colorway. It's 100 % cotton yarn that is a off 
white with flecks of teal, lavender and pink running
 through out the yarn. It's lovely colorway and
 perfect for this design. 

The Video Demo is stitched up with Redheart 
Stipes / Cool Stripe yarn. Another really pretty colorway. 

The Hat design is mostly Half Double Crochet Stitches
 and works up quite quickly. I removed all the color
 changes and stayed with one colorway. 
Although you can stripe this hat if you like.

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Healing Butterfly Beanie Crochet Pattern

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Skill: Easy
Crochet Hook – I/ 5.50 mm
Yarn – Cotton (4) 3.5 oz. Sugar And Cream / Potpouri Ombre
Yarn Needle
Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Half Double Crochet together (Hdctog)
Skip (sk)
Change (chg)
Back Loop Only (BLO)
Size: 22 - 24 inches / Youth/ Adult hat
2 rows of hat band = 1 inch
Ch1 Does not Count as a st
Ch2 counts as a half Double Crochet.( unless stated otherwise)
Rounds are joined to the ch2 with a Slst
R: 1 – Starting with the Hatband
Ch 5, 1 hdc in the 2nd ch from the hook, and in each ch, Turn, ch1 (4hdc)

R: 2 - BLO,1 hdc in each hdc, turn ch 1 (4hdc)

R: 3 – R: 48 – Repeat R: 2

Be sure To measure you hat band, add or substract rows as needed.

Put the ends of the band together, sl st across with 4 slsts, do not cut your yarn.

R: 49 – Working on the top of the band, ch 2, 
place 1 hdc in the top of each hdc row around,
Join to the 1st hdc, and ch2. (48hdc)

R: 50 – ch2, 1 hdc in the next 5 hdc, ch7, sk the next 7 hdc,
 join to the next hdc with a hdc, 1 hdc in each hdc around,
 join to the ch 2. (41 hdc, 7chs = 48sts)

R: 51 – Repeat R: 50

R: 52 – 1 hdc in the 5 hdc, ch 3, sc around the chs, and in the 4th hdc of R 49,
Ch3, 1 hdc in the hdc around, join, ch 2 (6 chs, 1 sc, 41 hdc = 48 sts)

R: 53 - 1 hdc in the 5 hdc, ch 3, sc in the sc, ch3,
Ch3, 1 hdc in the hdc around, join, ch 2 (6 chs, 1 sc, 41 hdc = 48 sts)

R: 54 –1 hdc in each hdc, in each ch sc around, join, (48 hdc)

R: 55 – Ch2, 1 hdc in each hdc, join. (52hdc)

R: 56 – R: 61 – Repeat R: 55

R: 62 – ch2, 1 hdc in the next hdc
*hdctog the next 2 hdc, 1 hdc in the next 2  hdc*,
Repeat From * to * around, join

R: 63 – R: 65 – Repeat R: 62
 Join tie off leaving an 18 inch tail of yarn.

With the tail of yarn gather the hole at the top of the hat closed,
 by stitching around the last row of stitches and sew securely. 
Weave in your ends.

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