Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cotton Fever

I got a really great deal on a
huge bunch of Cotton Yarn!
All this for $9.99
I usually work with worsted weight,
 but have done a few things with cotton yarn.
I have decided to see what really cool items
 I can make with it.
Sweatbands/ headbands - thick and thin Styles
Get the pattern HERE

These are a few Cotton Crochet patterns to come....
1. Bunny wash clothes
2. Small Square clothes
3. Hair Scrunchies
4. sweatband  -  done
5. Soap bag
6. Tissue holder
7. Round face clothes
8. Shopping and produce bags ( not pictured , because the design is still in my head!)

It would be fun to put
them together in a E-Book
I think I will..
And I will call it
"Cotton Fever"!

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