Tuesday, May 27, 2014

9 Favorite Crochet Dog Collars

This is a list of my 9 favorite 
Crochet Dog Collar Patterns
These are a great way to add a 
little fun and flair 
to you pooch, Cat, bunny, 
goat or any pet.

These are perfect for Photo Props too!
And By changing out the colors of yarns,
 have unlimited possibilities.
Those of you who do Markers markets 
and Craft Sales, 
These Collars do really good there too!

Please note:
 these are all my photos of my Dogs.
Please, Do not copy. Thanks.
Click the name of the pattern you want,
 and it will take you to the blog
 with the free pattern.

You can also find all my crochet patterns 
in my Ravelry Crochet pattern Shop.
at This link:

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