Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chihuahua Coffee Cup / Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

I have a Super Fun and Silly 
Coffee Cup / Mug Cozy
Free Crochet Pattern For you.
It's a Chihuahua!
You know I love Chihuahuas.

I chose to designed this 
Chihuahua Mug Cozy
 in colors to match my Logo.
This Cozy will fit a basic size Mug.
And will also Work 
for your Regular Coffee Cups.
Chihuahua Coffee Mug and Cup Cozy 

Crochet Pattern By Sara Sach

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Skill: Easy

Crochet Hook - H
Yarn - Worsted Weight Yarn (4) 2 oz. of hot pink, 
            Small amount of Purple and Black yarn
1 button - 1/2 inch - For the mug cozy
Yarn Needle
Stuffing -  A tiny bit for the nose. 
About as much as a cotton ball.

Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Double Crochet (dc)
Slip Stitch (slst)
Skip (sk)

Size: 9 X 3 inches

Ch 1 at ends of rows, does not count as a st.
It is a turning chain.

Dc are stitch in sc, and sc are stitched in dc.
This give a nice texture.
dc sc dc sc dc.......
sc dc sc dc sc....... 

R : 1 - With Pink yarn, ch 31
1 sc in the 2nd ch, *1 dc in the next ch, 1 sc in the next ch*
Repeat From * to * across, ch 1, turn (30 sts)

R : 2 - *1 dc in the next St,1 sc in the next st*
Repeat From * to * across, ch1, turn (30 sts)

R : 3 - * 1 sc in the next St, 1 dc in the next St*
Repeat From * to * across, ch1, turn (30 sts)

R : 4 - R : 8  - Repeat R : 3 and R : 2 alternating rows.
Dc are stitch in sc, and sc are stitched in dc.

R : 9  - Sc evenly around all 4 sides, stitching 3 sc in each corner.
tie off, weave in your end.

For a coffee Cup cozy, leave off Button tab.

Button Tab:
R : 1  - With pink yarn ch 9, 1 sc in the 2nd ch 
and in each ch across, ch1, turn. (8sc)
R : 2 - 1 sc in the 1st st, ch2, sk the next 2 scs,
 1 sc in the next 5 sc, ch1, turn. (8sc)
R : 3 - 1 sc in each sc and ch across,
 tie off and weave in your end.

Ears: 2 pink, and 2 purple

Ch 9, 1 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook,
sc, hdc, hdc, dc, hdc, hdc,
 3sc in the last ch, Turn
Working down the opposite side of the ch,
hdc, hdc, dc, hdc, hdc, tie off.

Place a pink ear and a purple ear together, right sides out, 
stitching through both ears, With purple yarn,
sc in the 1st 7 sts, 3 sc in the next sc, 1 sc in the next 7 sts,
4 sc evenly across the bottom of the ear, 
join and tie off leaving a 10 inch tail to sew on Coffee Cozy.

Nose :
R : 1 With Black yarn, ch 3, 6 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook.
Join to 1st sc with s slst, to form a circle. (6sc)
R : 2 - Change to purple yarn, 2 sc in each sc, join, ch1 (12sc)
R : 3 - 1 sc in each sc, join, ch1 (12sc)
R : 4 - R : 7 - Repeat R : 3
Tie off leaving a 12 inch tail of yarn.
Place on front of cozy and sew in place.
With Black yarn make 2 French Knots for the eyes.

For a Coffee Cup Cozy, put the 2 ends together and slst  closed.
For the Mug Cozy, sew on Button tab and button.

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Put the Cozy on your 
Cup or mug, 
Fill with hot coffee and
 Have a great morning.
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