Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crimson and Cream Slouchy Cowl Free Knitting Pattern \ Posh Pooch Designs

This Knitting Pattern has 
been on my Needles for While.
I Originally was going to release it with my
Christmas In July Patterns,
But it wasn't ready yet.
Crimson and Cream Slouchy Cowl 
is a Hood, a Hat, and a Cowl.

My Husband went on a Business trip to Europe.
He got me Yarns from Several places.
This Wool is from Norway
He is a good man who understands my needs.
Anyway, I was saving it for a special pattern.
And This it it.
although, any Worsted weight yarn will
 work great for this pattern.
It is basically stitched in stockinette with 
an eyelet row thrown in for a little fun.
This is a great pattern for a beginner,
 as well as a season knitter.
Works up fast, and makes a great gift.
I am also working up a crochet version.
So if you do not knit...don't panic.
Hoping to release the Slouchy Cowl Crochet Pattern
 in the coming weeks.

Crimson and Cream Slouchy Cowl Knitting Pattern by Sara Sach
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Skill: Easy

Knitting needles – Long Straight Needles US9 – 5.50mm
Yarn – Worsted Weight (4) Wool – Cranberry (C1) 3 0z. Cream, (C2) 3 oz.
      I used 100% Wool From Norway –Sandes Garn –Peer Gynt
      Any Wool or Worsted Weight Yarn will Work.
Yarn Needle
Tape measure
Crochet Hook – H, to Make the Drawstring

Stitches and Terms:
Cast On - (CO)
Bind Off - (BO)
Knit - (k)
Purple - (p)
Together (tog)
Make 2 (M2)

Gauge/Measuring - 4 sts=1inch

Size: 20 inches around X 14 inches long

R : 1 - CO 56 sts of C1
To keep the edges from Curling, k,p,k 
The 1st 3 sts and the last 3 sts of each row.

R : 2 – R : 6   - St in Stockinette ( k,p,k,p,k,p)

R : 7  -Eyelet st row - changing to C2,  k 1st 2 sts,
 *ktog the next 3 sts, m2*
Repeat from * to * across, k the last 3 sts

R : 8 - p all sts,

R : 9 - K all sts

R : 10 – P all Sts

Repeat R : 2 – R : 10  9 times, 
more times if a wider Slouchy Cowl is desired

BO, leaving a 24 inch tail of yarn.
Fold Inside out.
With a yarn needle and the yarn tail, sew closed loosely, 
so it will stretch nicely.

With your Crochet Hook, Ch 50. This will be your drawstring.
If you do not have a crochet hook. You can hand ch,
 Just pull snugly for a nice tight ch.

Lace the Drawstring ch through the top edge of the Slouchy Cowl,
 Make sure your seam is in the back.

Pom poms – Make 1 of each color.
Attach a pom pom to each end of the draw string.

Pull the drawstring gently for a cowl or hood,

pull the Drawstring snugly and tie a bow for the Slouchy.

Happy Knitting!

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