Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Photo Shoot -- Didn't go so good!

Maximo and Rosie's Christmas
Photo Shoot Didn't go so Well! 
I decided to only put the dogs in Christmas Bandannas and Hats.
 No fancy dresses or sweaters, I was thinking simple this year. 
Each Christmas bandanna has a jingle bell on the end, 
Which I love, but I forgot they didn't. 

Rosie is actually afraid 
of the sound of the jingle bell, which made it worse because, 
when she's afraid, she shakes.  I mean , she IS a Chihuahua.  
So when she shakes the bell jingles more!!!!   LOL

Then the battery in the Camera died
 and I ran in the other room to get the other battery .  
When I got back the little red bird I put on the top
 of the little Christmas tree was missing. 
I looked all over but could not find it. Oh well, 
The top of the tree won't be in the picture anyway. 
Then I return to taking pics 
and see where the red bird went.

Okay I thought, That is cute ,
 then Rosie lets out a little yelp!

The Tree must have touched her? 
She is sometimes scared of new situations and things.
 I knew she would be a little scared of the tree,
 so I had it sitting were she could smell it
 and get used to it, but I guess it didn't work.

Rosie and Maximo and me, were all ready
 for the Christmas Photo Shoot to be over.
But I hadn't gotten a good shot Yet!

Neither Dog was wanting to pose anymore....
Not even for a cookie!

Finally we got a pretty good picture...


Nicole and Macho said...

They look so cute! I don't think those pictures are too bad, but I bet you had fun taking them :)

Anonymous said...

Love the story line! You're to much fun!! Looks like it cane out pretty good after all.

Sharon Marie said...

I think your photo ops turned out great! I love seeing the pictures of your babies--I have 2 chi babies too.

Elisabeth Spivey said...

what a fun story! I think you got cute pics!