Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Sock Monkey Yarn Dilemma

I Love Sock Monkeys!

And  I Love The Sock Monkey hats everyone is making. All the varieties of colors and styles that look like a sock monkey. I decided to make a Sock monkey Hat for my Posh Pooch Designs for Dogs. I found a really good yarn that is soft and still washable and durable for dogs.  My dilemma is that they no longer make my yarn choice!  it is discontinued!!!!  GGGRRrrrrrrrrr! 

Old yarn

New Yarn

The old yarn was Hobby Lobby's  "I Love This yarn - Tweed".  The new yarn I chose is " Vanna's Choice  -Taupe Mist" made by Lion Brand. Although the new yarn is not as soft as the old yarn, it does have more of the traditional Sock  Monkey look when crocheted up. It is soft, just not as soft as the old yarn. And according to the label is completely machine washable and dryable. There is not as much yarn on a skein as the other, and is a little more expensive. I'll be looking for sales, of course.
Maximo modeling the "old yarn" in a more traditional style Sock Monkey hat.

Rosie Modeling the "New Yarn" in a Sock Monkey Hat with a purple pompom hat. If you would like to purchase one, just hit the link.

What do you think about the new yarn? 

Both hats side by side.
Here is the Sock Monkey Hat crochet Pattern
Crochet Pattern
 For now, unless I find more of the old yarn, all new Sock monkey hats and sweaters will be made from the new yarn.  If you come across some od the "Old yarn" let me know!

All the sock Monkey items we design, make and sell:
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Anonymous said...

I love the new yarn hat. IT looks more authentic like the red heeled socks that the original Sock Monkeys were made from. I am a huge fan of Sock Monkeys, am a member of Cece Bell's Club, and have made hundreds of Sock Monkeys over the past 25 years.

Anonymous said...

I also like the new yarn more - it looks better (in my opinion) it also looks like it makes up a little thicker which to me makes it look closer to the way it should look - I love seeing the monkeys showing up everywhere - they are so so so cute!!!!!1 - thanks for sharing your pictures.