Monday, December 27, 2010

Sneak Peek at some new Items

I  have a lot of new items that I am working on ,
Here are a few of them :
First The Posh Pooch Snuggle Up Sweater.

Rosie Modeling the "Snuggle Up Sweater" with matching Hat.
The Hat is the Ripple Bottom beanie...Can be customized to match any sweater.

This sweater has tabs that attach in the back  for easy slip on and off, and is warm like wearing a blanket, yet comfortable enough to play in. It has sleeves and  comfy neck band. The Little flowers are optional. I am working on a Black and Gray variegated one for Maximo.

We also have a some new hats:

A Shrek Inspired Hat

Disney Inspired hats : Mouse and Duck

The "Shrek", "Mouse", "Duck" & "Cow" As Well as the Snuggle Sweater Crochet patterns can now be down loaded from my Ravelry page.

I am also working on these Dog/Cat Hats :

3 Eyed Alien Hat
1 Eyed Monster hat
Viking Hat
Minion Hat
Hello Kitty Hat
Basic Bear Hats
Sponge Bob Style Hat
Grouch Hat
Puppet Hats
Hound hat
Fox Hat
Tiger Hat
Bunnie Hat

So please Keep  looking for All the new Designs to come!
I will also have Crochet patterns for all of the new designs available toward the end of Jan.

Every Hat can also have a Custom Sweater to match. You pick the colors and Hat, and I will make to sweater to match!


Wretha said...

I do enjoy your site! I have a long hair chihuahua, black and white named Pekoe, she is my 11 year old baby. I love crochet and chihuahuas, your site is perfect for me! Thanks for posting such cute pix. :)


Posh Pooch Designs said...

Thanks, Wretha, I Love Crochet and Chihuahuas, too!